Odd Character Display in LMS Playback

Hello, I have a developer who uses 360.  We publish the courses in our LMS.  Recently, some associates are experiencing missing letters and oddities when taking the courses.  This has now happened with two of the most recent courses.   Using Chrome as the browser (not compatible with IE).  Screen shot is attached.  Thoughts?  We currently have IT investigating - but wanted to consult here.  We do not have this issue with output from our Storyline 2 developers.  Only with courses from 360.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Lucy,

Thank you for reaching out and letting us know! 

If a learner does not see the correct font, it may mean that the font files in your published output aren’t getting to the learner’s web browser. When this happens, the learner’s computer or mobile device substitutes system fonts in your course. Sometimes, this substitution makes the text look different than the way you designed it. For example, character spacing and word wrapping might change, or letters could go missing. This help guide provides some solutions that I hope will help! 

Please keep us updated on this! We are happy to help!