Storyline 360 courses fail to upload to LMS - imsmanifest.xml issue


We have recently upgraded from Storyline 2 to Storyline 360. During our earlier evaluation of SL360, we tested publishing courses to our LMS (SCORM 2004, 3rd Edition) and had no issues. Last week, we started using the new software and now our LMS fails to upload course .zip files and throws a "Failed to upload. The imsmanifest.xml file is not well-formed" error message. I see that the July 23rd update apparently fixed this issue and we are using the current version. 

We can "fix" the issue on our end by turning off whatever error-checking the LMS is doing during the upload, but we'd rather find the exact cause of the failure and do what is necessary to maintain the integrity of the LMS. 

I have attached two .xml files. One created with an earlier version of SL360 that uploaded to the LMS with no errors. And the one created today that fails. 

I can arrange for our IT guy to speak to someone at Articulate if that would help facilitate getting this issue solved. 

And, FYI, we can export and publish Rise 360 courses with no issue...

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Jan Zimmermann

Hi Leslie, 

we are facing the same issue with the "imsmanifest.xml file is not well-formed".

As a workaround we've downgraded Storyline360 to version 3.29.19305.0.

All versions since then cause the error, even tough it should have been fixed already with July update, according to the update news.. 

Would be great to know what resolved the issue in this case.. 


Thanks a lot upfront!

Kind Regards,

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jan!

According to Richard's case, we found the issue was with the LMS. 

Our first step to troubleshoot this issue is to test the course in another LMS. Can you upload your course to SCORM cloud, and let me know if you're still receiving an error message? Luckily, we have a support article that walks you through how to do that!