Odd Grey Background and Orange Play Button

Jun 15, 2018

Hello community,


I have a course (The 9th in the series). No changes to the player or settings, yet when I put this course into the LMS it has a funky grey background with an orange play button before the learners can get into the course at all. I have attached three screen shots.


  1. The first shows the funky orange play button
  2. the second shows the flat grey player
  3. the third shows what it is supposed to look like.


Any help?



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Katie Riggio

 Hi, Justin! That IS very funky; thanks for including those screenshots.

I saw you were working with my teammate, Alyssa, in another discussion. I'm also curious to know:

  • Does the orange play button appear on all browsers or one in particular?
  • Do you have audio or video on the first slide of your course? 
  • What update of Storyline 3 are you using? (Simply go to Help > About Storyline)
  • Would you be able to share your .story file here with us for testing? You can also share it privately with me here through this link.

I'll be standing by!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Justin, 

I understand if you're unable or would rather not share your file, but since it's the best way for us to demonstrate the problem and document a defect, we'd happily accept a .story project shared here privately if you change your mind.

I know we had an issue with Firefox autoplay back that was fixed in Update 17 of Storyline 360, but since you mentioned the slides were not set to autoplay, I don't know if that would fix your course. It's worth taking a look though! 

It does appear that the orange matches the other colors you've added to the player - so perhaps playing around with those will help you narrow down where it's coming from? I haven't seen a similar orange button on any other courses (even those with the autoplay set up). 

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