On Lightbox Close

Oct 13, 2017

Can closing a lightbox slide trigger an action on the parent slide, i.e., the slide from which the lightbox was opened? Here's my need... The leaner just completed an exercise on the lightbox and I recorded that in a True/False variable. When the lightbox is closed, I want to change the state of a checkmark on the parent slide to normal to indicate that the activity has been completed.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Willi

I've just tried testing and it won't work with the built in lightbox slide as you can't trigger the close button to change the variable.  I tried doing with 'when timeline reaches xx' and it changes the variable but because the timeline is not restarting on the parent slide you can't trigger for the variable change. I added in nav controls on the lightbox slide and it will work if you trigger on the 'next' button but the change occurs within the lightbox as well.

See attached very rough sample - good news is you could create your own which will give you more control.

Here is a tutorial - relates to SL1 but same for other versions

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