on-line course design times

Feb 27, 2020

What is an average amount of time for designing on-line courses?

For instructor led we used to used 15:1 (15 hrs for every 1 hour of instruction)

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Eric Rowland

Hello Jerry!

This is a very subjective topic, because it all depends on the complexity of the slide(s). A Level 1 slide (think basic text/images/audio, minimal to no interaction) could take an hour. This depends on if you need to create assets, record and edit audio e.t.c. 

A Level 2/3 slide that has complexity and more interactions, will require more time to develop. I have taken several hours to just make a slide. Also the authoring tool can help with development times. I can create a Rise course (from a PPT) in a matter of a few hours. This would take a few additional hours in Storyline (depending if I could import it, or needed to create from scratch). 

I encourage you to check out this blog post by Christy Tucker. She has a great breakdown of eLearning development, and additional resources/links to review. 



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