One URL on a slide doesn't open, but others do!

Sep 16, 2022

My colleague and I are having a lot of trouble with the attached slide. The webpage in marker 1 doesn't open when the hyperlink is click on, but the webpage in marker 4 opens just fine. The link in marker 1 is a good one, and I can actually get it to work if the link is separated from the other text (see second attached file).

Here is the Review 360 link of the original slide, so you can see what I mean by "doesn't open":

Here is the Review 360 link for the slide where the hyperlink is in isolation in the marker (no body text), and as you can see, it works:

Any help would be appreciated. This is driving us nuts!


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Judy Nollet

I don't know why the links in one marker don't work. 

For that type of weird behavior, the first thing I do is create a new object to see if the behavior repeats itself.

I did that in the attached file; it's got Marker1redone. And its links work fine when published.

If this doesn't fix the issue for you, I suggest you contact the Articulate Support Staff directly. You can do that here: