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Oct 06, 2015


I've seen threads from several years ago talking about Wordpress and linking to Articulate files in Dropbox.

Does anyone have any other more recent suggestions. I'm looking for an online website tool that I can build myself without programming knowledge and to store Articulate file examples that I can then show in the portfolio.



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Patti Bryant

Hi Susan!

There are tons of tools you could use, depending on your preference.

I use WordPress for my site and then link out to dropbox. If you go to my portfolio page and hover over one of the images, you'll see it simply links out to a public dropbox link. This is the easiest way I've found to set things up. However, you do lose some quality. Later, I'll be converting these to be hosted directly on a web server - so maybe a tip for you to start that way. ;)

If you haven't tried WordPress before, you could start with the free version and test it out. Then, if you like it, you could later upgrade. 

Alternatively, some folks have created their portfolio in Storyline and then simply hosted that file. Here is an article on that, including a template.

Hope this helps!

Keepin' the joy,

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Michelle!  Thanks for popping in!

Unfortunately, Dropbox made some changes to the way they allow file sharing, and it is no longer an option to host your Storyline projects there.

But check out our blog post on sharing your work (updated to remove Dropbox and Google Drives).  It includes a tutorial link for using Amazon's S3 service, which is a popular hosting solution for folks without a dedicated web server.

Anywhere you host your content, though, be sure to give the *story.html URL to your learners to link to your content!

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