Opening Articulate SL for the first time, Flash Player issues

Hello everyone, I am a new member and am as keen as mustard to learn all I can about the Articulate Storyline e-learning design package. The company I work for have given me a USB flash key with the application on it. I have downloaded it to my laptop, but every time I try to open Articulate from the icon on the desktop, a message box appears saying that I need to install Flash player 10 or later. I click install and the Adobe site tells me that I do not need to install because the Lenovo ideapad Z400 has Windows 8 preinstalled. I am totally confused, my machine is running version 16.1 of Flash Player, but still Articulate will not allow me to open. I have checked Manage Add-ons and Shockwave Flash 32bit is enabled on my laptop. Can anyone out there help me to just get this issue corrected so that I can start learning to use this application.

Thanks a lot, Dan in the UAE

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Dan Newton

Thanks, the updates seemed to work on SL 1 and 2. I was also wondering if there is a glossary of all the terms used in SL. I am watching the beginners tutorial and I am not 100% sure on what each term refers to. When I was learning to video edit I had a glossary of all editing terms such as, jump-cut, roll end, de-interlace ext that explained what these terms meant and when they effect was. Do you guys have a PDF or page of terms that I could use to help me get started? Thanks