Opening PDF file in same window not working

Aug 03, 2016


In the setting for opening a file in same window, I clicked the correct option:

Display in current browser window

However, when I test it when published, it's opening in a new window, which causes the Storyline file to close when I click on the X button on the window tab.

Is there an additional step I'm missing?

Thank you for your help.

Carol Mealy

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carol, 

Does it open in a new window or a new tab? The setting can be browser and user specific - but your description that if you close it, the Storyline course closes as well sounds like it's in the same window so I'm not sure I'm following? Where are you hosting the course to test it? What browser are you viewing it through? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carol,

So the PDF opens in a new tab, and the course remains in the existing tab - but when you close the PDF tab, it also closes the course? The image wasn't clear to me, as I only saw the one tab. 

I can't speak to how a preview link from your server would behave, but you could also look at uploading it to another testing environment such as one mentioned here and then also look at testing it in other browser such as Chrome or Firefox to see if it's browser specific. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Please feel free to keep us posted Carol - but I still wasn't clear on your set up for opening in a new tab and closing both tabs (the course and the PDF). If you have designed it to open in the same window, I could see how users may inadvertently close the course when trying to close the PDF. They'd need to use the browsers back navigation to return to the course. 

Carol Mealy

Hi Ashley,

Yes, I see how that can happen. I retested and that's what's happening. The user needs to click on the correct tab in order to close out the course. This is working fine for the PDF files. The PDF files open in a new tab, and when I close out of the tab, I'm brought back to the same screen. Thank you for your help and clarification on this. But, now I see another issue:

Would this hold true for YouTube videos? I'm still having this issue when linking out to the YouTube site. When I click on the tab to close out of the video, the course closes. I see that when I launch the link, the course tab closes. This is only happening with the videos.


I just switched the options for the two videos to open in a new browser and it's working fine now!

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