Overlapping audio on playback

Aug 16, 2013

Hello all,

I typically have a single lesson page (slide) with multiple audio files that play in succession with a 1 second gap between them.  So, each .mp3 file resides on its own layer in the timeline.  

The problem I've discovered is that if you pause a slide, skip ahead with the seek bar (beyond the currently playing audio file), and then click the replay button on the seek bar, you'll hear overlapping audio.  Furthermore, it seems to play ALL of the audio files concurrently up to the point where you've scrubbed to on the seek bar.

I can't attach a source file due to disclosure issues, and this certainly is not a show stopper, but I'm curious if anyone has run into this.  Seems like a bug to me.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

You may need to set your triggers for navigating between the slide layers to also pause the audio. You'll want to determine how you would want the slide layers to behave when revisiting (either reset to initial state or resume saved state) to either replay the audio from the beginning or pick up where you've left off. You may want to follow along with this tutorial on controlling the slides behaviors. 

If you're unable to share your file here in the forums, please always feel free to send it to us privately by submitting a Support case and our team can take a look at how you have things set up. 

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Mark: As Ashley mentioned, if you've got multiple audio tracks, you'll most likely want to put them on their own layer so you don't run into overlapping and other problems. If I had multiple audio tracks on a slide, I might avoid having a seekbar, but if you do keep one that "pause timeline on base layer" is going to be an important setting. See below. I apologize if you already know all this stuff. --Daniel

Sabre Training

Hi Ashley and Daniel,

Maybe I muddied the water by saying "layers" on my initial post.  There are no Slide Layers on these particular slides.  Therefore, there are no Triggers to control the base layer, etc.  When I say layer, I mean timeline layers.

What I need is the equivalent of Flash's stopAllSounds function AND some way to communicate with the Replay button on the seek bar.  So, if the user clicks the replay button when the seek bar is paused, then stop all sounds from playing and begin playing from frame one.

I appreciate your comment about hiding the seek bar, but I'd have to hide it on nearly every page of the entire (rather large) course since most pages have multiple audio files.

The hard way to stop this is to string the audio files together for each slide into one continuous audio file so there are no spacing issues in the timeline.  

Does this make sense?

Thanks for the replies so far.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the clarification regarding "layers." 

In regards to hiding the seekbar, you could do that from the Player Template which would then remove it from all slides. If you needed the seekbar on particular slides, you could then customize those individual slides using the "gear" icon on the bottom right hand corner within the slide view. You'll be presented with a "Slide Properties" window like below.

 You can then change the "Player features" to "Custom for the selected slides" and check on the Seekbar. 

Sabre Training

Thanks, Ashley.  Unfortunately, the client likes the idea of being able to scrub through the content so eliminating the Seek Bar is not really an option.  

Since there is a specific set actions that need to occur to duplicate this problem (click pause, skip forward on the Seek Bar past the current audio file, and then click Replay), it may not be encountered very often.

I'm used to having a little more control over this type of thing via hand coding, so, it's a little frustrating.

Thanks again,


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