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Kristin Hatcher

If you go to that group in the timeline you can open the group and see each individual item within it. Is each item in the group set to Show Always? That's bitten me before.

Also check the animations for the group and for each individual item. I've noticed that sometimes once items are grouped the animations are still applied to each individual item, but you can't "see" it as easily. So check the animations on each item to make sure they are not set to disappear. 

Maribeth Bradfield

I don't want them to show always or until the end, I want the entire group to disappear at around 14 sec. The problem is, part of the group disappears at 1 sec.

If I set the group to display until the end, all 4 elements remain visible. It's only when I shorten the display timeframe that part of the group disappears.