Passing variable and not value between 2 ST files

Jan 04, 2016


I'm looking for a solution to this problem: to transmit a value of a variable from one file to another SL. I'm sure this will be of interest to all!
Within the same file SL through a GET or a POST and PHP there are no problems.
I used a GET also to transmit values directly in the url (example) in this way:

 but in this case, "arte" is a value, and I want to transfer a variable, like you do in PHP. It does not use e-learning platform, so I can not use variables LMS, in this case.

Example: if I wanted to transfer a code from one file to another (code = "12345"),
I should be able to send the value of the variable from the first file SL and
then it can be read at the opening to the first screen of the second file SL!

Someone has got an idea?

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