Passing Variables to LMS from Storyline

Sep 29, 2014

Help please !!!!

I have a variable to write back to the LMS - it is a culmination of points from correct answers to questions PLUS bonus points. On the last slide of my elearn, I want to write it to the LMS - I have tried the suggestion of putting in a short form survey question and passing the variable that way but it doesn't work for me (either the slide won't advance to the results slide or the short question survey slide needs to be visited before I can see the variable).

Any ideas?



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Brian Allen

Hello Orla,

This tutorial is really nice because it includes a video.  If you watch the video you'll see how to get the slide to advance, and this method has worked well for me -

This is a good supplementary tutorial, and I like the additional screenshots it provides -

Orla Clarke

So I think I was missing a line in the Javascript so as not to need a submit button....

My score is contained in my own variable LearningPoints, which I didn't think I needed to declare within the Javascript. I will be able to track so much more now ! Let the fun begin....

Thanks Guys

//let's grab the variable first -- here I'm just grabbing it from an entry field
var player=GetPlayer();
var LearningPoints=player.GetVar("LearningPoints");

//We're going to leverage the published output method to update status from Flash
//The delimiters need to be setup just like this to jam in the array
//first argument is status: complete
//second argument is score
//third and fourth are min / max
//fifth is passing score
//sixth is type


Brian Allen

Awesome!  I'm sure you've already thought of this, but if you don't want a submit button to be tied to executing the javascript, it's easy enough to do by setting it to trigger at the beginning of the timeline of a slide or off screen object.  I use this method all the time to execute this kind of stuff without requiring the user to click an extra button.

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