Pause Button for a Step by Step Show Me Simulation

Jul 30, 2013

I want to add a pause button for the entire project of a step by step show me simulation. The play bar which comes with the player is for the individual slide and doesn't make much sense as the slides are too short in duration. A playbar/pause button for the entire project would be helpful to the users. Any ideas?



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Josh Uhlig

I was able to do this with a lightbox slide.  I added a pause button to the master slide layout (not sure if you are using one) that triggers a lightbox slide that contains some text saying the presentation is paused and they can use the "x" to "close this window and resume the presentation." 

I've attached a sample that has a pause button on slide 2.  Be sure to preview the scene or entire presentation and not just the individual slide that has the pause button.

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