Pause timeline of base layer but unable to let it run again

I tried recorded a screencast in Articulate Storyline and am trying to use self-created Play, Pause and Stop button.

While the screencast is playing, I have sync it with some captions thus am playing around with layers and timeline. When a new layer is added to pause the timeline of base layer, when the Play button is click, I want the screencast (on the base layer) to play with the objects aligned in the timeline. It still stays at pause. How do I get the timeline play in the base layer?

is there any way it can be done?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Melissa,

Not quite sure I'm following what's happening - are you clicking a custom "Play" button while the pause layer is still open? Try triggering that pause layer to close, if so. If you have that layer set to pause the main layer's timeline and then click a button on that layer, but the layer isn't closing in any way, that pause you're calling with the layer will still be active.

If that's not what's happening, can you give us more information or share the .STORY file so we can take a look?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Melissa,

I'm looking at the file, but I don't see an option or object for closing the "Pause" layer. In order to return to the video and base layer, this one has to be closed. 

I added the same "Play" button (including the trigger) that you have on another layer to close the layer and return to the video.

Using this button, I'm able to click on the button and return to the recording with the captions.

Take a look:

Melissa Download Link

Does that work for you as well?