Pausebutton causes delay in synchronization (Storyline 3)

Sep 08, 2017


since I'm working with Storyline 3 the Pausebutton causes a delay in the synchronization. Plus, the audio will be cut at the end of the slide.

Any idea?

Many thanks,


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Ali Goulet

Hey Sonja!

This sounds similar to an issue on our radar for Storyline 3. To confirm, can you share your .story project file here so I can do some testing? 

You can add it as an attachment to a comment like this:

Also, are you currently running the latest update for Storyline 3- build 3.1.12115.0? You can check by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Help tab in Storyline 3. 
  2. Select About Storyline
  3. In the lower right corner of the popup, it will tell you the update number.

Let me know!

DR-B learning solutions GmbH

Hello, yes I'm working with the latest version.

Since this is an issue that you already know, I think it's not necessary to upload my project. The customer is very sensitiv, because the content is confidential.

'Pause' is a very commmon function, which I use in each of our courses and we have to publish an update to each of these courses a soon as the pause function is fixed. So I hope it willl be very soon available.

Ali Goulet

Hey Sonja! Totally understand not being able to share the file publicly.

The issue I mentioned above is similar, but not exactly the same as what you're describing. It would be really helpful if our Support Engineers can take a look at the file privately (or a stripped down version with no sensitive info included) to see what's happening first-hand.

You can submit it to them here and they can even sign an NDA if needed! 

Ali Goulet

Hey again Sonja,

I saw your similar thread over here, and based on the other info you provided there- I don't think this is related to the issue I mentioned. 

If you're able to reproduce the same issue in a sample file, can you share that here so I can take a look? That way you won't need to share your customer's file. 


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