Pausing timeline and pausing audio

Dec 31, 2015

Hi everybody,

I'm a little confused about how the 'pause timeline' trigger is supposed to be working with audio on the slide. I thought that as long as the audio was placed in a trigger (Example: Play audio when user clicks Button1) that the timeline being paused would not affect the audio being able to be played. But now I'm seeing two different results from virtually identical slides.

This slide works how I expected it to:

On this slide the first audio plays when the entrance animation is complete, and then plays the second audio file even though the timeline is paused.


This slide does not work how I expected it to:

On this slide the first audio doesn't fire because the audio pauses right as the timeline pauses. Even if I change the triggers to start playing right as the timeline starts, the audio still pauses when it reaches 1.5 seconds. When I resume the timeline it finally plays, but the second audio never works.

How is this supposed to work? Am I missing something or should these slides be behaving the same way? Any help with this would be appreciated.


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Jackson Hamner

Hi Leslie,

I did have it set to play when media completes, which is what was odd because the first audio got paused instead of just being played through like it was supposed to, so the neither audio got to play at all.

I ended up recreating the problem layer from scratch and it started working as it is supposed to. I guess it was just one of those things where something was bugged about that specific layer?

Thanks for confirming that how I expected it to work is how it is supposed to work! :)

Cathy DeBurro

Hi all...

I have a situation that could be related to this and am wondering if either of you know of a work around.

I have a base layer that when clicked goes to layer 1 - where a question pops up.

Branching occurs here - there are 2 options - correct and incorrect that they must choose from.

Both of these are separate layers as well.

Each of these layers contains an explanation/answer in audio as well as text.  They are different from each other.

The problem is that these layers have triggers that pause the timeline until they click the NEXT button to resume the interaction and go to the next scenario.

Because I am pausing the timeline, the audio only plays for 1.5 seconds and stops when the timeline is paused.

I want the timeline paused, to give the user time to review before they continue,  but is there any way at all to still play the audio responses for each of these layers?  Or is it that once you pause the timeline, all related media gets paused to and there is no workaround?


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