Pausing video with audio... Is it possible to have audio fade in and out?

I have a video in SL 360 that has background music and spoken narration, and I've added pause points so I can add interactivity to the video. At the pause points, a button appears that the user clicks to show a layer of information. Then the user clicks another button and the video/timeline resumes. 

Is there any way to have the audio of the video fade up and down at these interactive points? It sounds jarring when the video is playing along and then the audio stops suddenly when the video pauses, and sounds jarring again as the audio jumps back in when the video resumes. I would love for the audio to fade out about 1 second before the pause, and then fade up again when resumed.

Is this already possible and I'm just missing it? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


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Sam Hill

Hi Michelle, I don't think this is possible in Storyline. When the video stops, it stops. In order to fade out, it would need to receive the request to stop, allow the video to continue to player for 1 second while the audio faded down. A player request would then play, and fade the audio up (simpler). This would be possible through JavaScript, but I'm pretty sure it is not functionality possible in Storyline.

Walt Hamilton

It's not as jarring if you pause at natural breaks in the narration. But if you have to fade it, you need to put the video in a video editor, cut it at the pause point, and fade the audio.  Place it in SL, and trigger your interactions to when media finishes. LightWorks is a free program that can do that, and OpenShot is another free one that I think will also handle it.