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May 19, 2016

Hi, I'm hoping I'm not posting something that's already here - I've looked through and have found posts that are partially what I'm after, but never the whole thing.

I'm looking to be able to export a screen as a pdf or image. The trick is, I'd like to do it as a button, not have to instruct the user how to do a screen capture, and export an image.

The scenario is that that the user will input some data, which will be overlaid on image - which the user can download the complete 'slide' - The screen on the left would allow the user to click each word, and enter their self reflection, which would then overlay their response, as per the right.

I then want the user to be able to export the whole screen - image with their responses over it.


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Crystal Horn

Hi Ben!  You have a nice idea for a customized setup.  I found a couple of discussions where folks used JavaScript to execute a Print Screen option, and you could trigger that JavaScript with a button:

These discussions might get you started in the right direction!  We don't support JavaScript coding, but maybe some folks in the community can jump in with their ideas as well.

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