PDF's not being included in storyline file when another user publishes

Aug 18, 2017

I am having an issue where we have created a course in SL2, and we have linked to a bunch of PDF files using 'jump to url' (we don't want to use the resources link from the player). I can see that the files are linked locally to my drive. When I export to LMS from my own computer the files export fine, however, if I hand the Storyline file to another developer, and she publishes it from her computer, none of the PDF's are exported as they are still mapped to my drive. She then has to go in to the Storyline file, and relink all the pdf files from her own computer.

Is there a way to get the PDF files to be captured in the Storyline file so that another user can publish the file without having to re-link all the files every time?

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