Peak video distorted on Storyline publish

Oct 31, 2020


I am using Peak to record my screen, downloading the video from Review and loading it into a Storyline course.  It looks great in preview but when I publish it very blurry.  I have read some articles on here but I am struggling to understand how to resize when recording with Peak.  


Any help would be appreciated.



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Aljonell Patiga

Hi Paul!

I hope everything is well. I found some information about mp4 files. That those videos were recorded at a dimension more than twice the size of the Storyline slide. This means that the video had to shrink quite a bit to fit on the slide itself, which causes a loss in quality. We recommend using a Storyline slide size that is close to the size of the video so the video doesn't have to scale down to fit.

You can check this article regarding Best Practices for High Quality Images and Videos

Also I found another method that would increase your output. Here's the instruction:

1.  Determine the resolution of the screen you used to record the video.  For example, my monitor is 1920 x 1080.  

2.  Choose the higher of the two dimensions (e.g., 1920).  Set your story size using that dimension and a corresponding dimension that maintains a 4:3 ratio.  For example, I've set my story size to 1920 x 1440.  Choose the option to lock the aspect ratio.

3.  When you publish:  Customize the "Quality" options in the "Properties" section of the publish menu to the highest quality levels for video and image qualities.  

Note that the clarity of the video (in my experience) is higher in published mode than in preview mode using this method.  Publish your slide/scene/project to assess the results.

Hope this helps and be safe.


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