Persistent Quiz Timer


I'm setting up a quiz in Storyline 2, I'd like to have a 60 minute timer start when they begin answering questions, and have that timer continue even if they close the page. So, when they resume the quiz later, if they still have time left they can continue the quiz, otherwise if they go to resume after the 60 minutes has elapsed, the quiz will end.

Is this possible in Storyline?

Our LMS is using SCORM 1.2, is there any SCORM variables that I could use to keep track of this neatly?

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Bradley Daley

Hi Ashley,

I'm still working on this problem.

Do you know whether there is a way to access the Storyline timer through a SCORM variable or something in the player? Or is there any kind of API available for the timer?

I'm guessing Storyline probably records it somewhere in the cmi.suspend_data, but I wasn't sure if Storyline has in JS functions to access the timer info more freely.

I would like to be able to get information from the timer like time elapsed, when it started, etc, and be able to adjust the timer's time remaining.




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brad, 

It's not something I know of - but I'm also not equipped to assist with JS or accessing information from the published output.  Typically the timing of the course is captured by the LMS as that is where the user is logging in and so the LMS captures that time stamp. 

Perhaps there is something shared in the Developer SDKs/APIs section of the forums?