"Pick Many' quiz interactions don't allow for "OR" hotspots?

Hi Heroes,

I'm trying to set up a "pick many" quiz panel that will allow me to define multiple "correct" hotspots. 

But here's the rub: I'd like to set it up as a quiz panel AND also in a way that Storyline displays the "Correct" feedback when the user selects ANY one of the "correct" hotspots in the panel. ('Hope that makes sense?)

Here's the problem: Storyline seems to only allow an "AND" condition here. In other words, when the quiz is rendered, Storyline makes it so that the user must select all "correct" hotspots in the panel in order to generate "correct" feedback. What's needed is the ability to set up an "OR" condition for those hotspots in that panel; I seem to be at a loss on how that could be arranged in a quiz.

Now, I know I can set up this "OR" scenario in a Non-Quiz panel. That's easy enough. (See my explainer video below.) But the problem with this approach is that the panel doesn't seem to register in the Results slide unless the panel is defined as a Quiz. (I'd really like for it to be included in the Results slide.)

For convenience, I've included a couple of reference files:

  • A short (2-1/2 minute) video explanation of this: http://youtu.be/Eds3gdaAxnM  
  • The *.story file used in the video (attached below). 

Any thoughts, workarounds, suggestions, tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Andrew Gee

Hi Mel,

I think I have solved your problem.

I have attached v2 of your story file and have created a Pick One slide on slide 1.2 with the changes (a few triggers and an Incorrect layer as the correct layers are generated from the Pick One options).  Essentially when the user clicks either correct hot spot it will trigger the Pick One answer to be selected automatically.

Please note the shape in the bottom left corner which is hiding the Pick One options.  I have left it with a black border to identify easily for this purpose.

I have made it a bit more manual in terms of the triggers and layer I have created for the new quiz slide.  

Hope this helps.



Mel Aclaro

Andrew - Awesome. I see you used the survey-type of "pick one," which does indeed allow for multiple selections. Nice workaround.  And, although I see that the survey tools have the downside of not tallying a numeric score that can be displayed in the Results slide, I think your workaround still works if I use custom variables to tally the scores.

Thanks again for taking time to work this out. I think your workaround is gonna work for me. :)

For Articulate staffers: I think there's still need of an "Or" option for the built-in "pick many" quiz question so as to ease the burden of manual workarounds like the one we're discussing here.  I'll submit an enhancement request for this.

For Andrew: Thanks again! :)

Joe Hauglie

Has this enhancement request ever been addressed and integrated? Having a "pick one of many possibles" is a much-needed interaction since it permits the user to demonstrate that he or she has synthesized enough of the content so that the course can move forward, without the need to have multiple q&a interactions that do not add value to the intermediate process.

Ren Gomez

Hi Joe,

Thanks for reaching out! We don't have a built-in question for a "pick one of many correct," but I appreciate you chiming in with your need for this as well!

I do have a few discussions that will provide some insight on how our community members have created some examples:

Feel free to take a look, and I've attached an upgraded version of the file Andrew shared earlier in this conversation in case you wanted to use it as a sample, too.