Pick Many Screen

In the tutorial for the “Pick Many” screen, it states:  On any object that you designate as an answer choice, Storyline automatically creates a Selected state. This adds a slight colored glow to the object when learners click on it, so your learners can easily distinguish between selected and unselected items.”

I am not seeing the colored glow on the objects after selecting them in either the preview mode or after publishing.

There is a “Normal” and a “Selected” state for each of my objects in the States panel at the bottom of my screen.

Any ideas???


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kris,

Without seeing your .story file it's hard to say - but it sounds like the glow may have been removed? There are some directions from Christine in this thread on how to confirm that the state has a glow. 

The Glow colors are also controlled by your design theme colors, and if those were changed to be transparent or match the slide background it may not be appearing. 

Emily Ruby

Hello Kris,

The freeform pick many quiz questions will add a glow to the selected state of the items you add.

These can be edited using the Edit State button, or you can change the format of the check box under the CheckBox Format in the top navigation.

I tested this in a new file, and the states seem to be working properly in Preview mode.

If you like, you could add the file here for us to look at for you.