Picture (or form) mirror effects problem

Hi, I'm having some problems with this effect.

I have some images that I want to apply the first mirror effect of the list. At the moment of select its looks ok. BUT when I preview or export the project the effect looks different and it seems like I select the third option of the effect, the one that mirrors almost the entire element.

This image shows how it looks at the work area

And this one when I preview or export the project

This happens with pictures or objects and it doesn't matter if I select the effect with 0px of space or the 10px space.

Articulate is updated to the latest version.



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Bastian!

I'm happy to help! That looks like a bug to me. 

Here's what it looks like on my end:

Slide View                                                                        Preview


The sizing of the shape effect is larger in Preview than it is in Slide View. I've shared this in the form of a bug report so that our team can start investigating! 

I'll report back when I have an update!