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Nov 17, 2014


I have a stereo file which I would like to play as stereo. Storyline2 seems to convert the file to mono. Is there a way I can avoid this?

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Andrew Lian

Thanks very much Jacinta. No. That;s not what I mean. The file I want to play back has two channels (left and right). When embedding the audio Articulate goes from 2 tracks (stereo) to one track (mono). It is important for my work that the two tracks stay separate.

I think that the kbps setting you are talking about changes the sampling rate of the embedded file.

Thanks again

Andrew Lian

Hi Ashley

Thank you for your comment. The audio is an MP3 file. It plays great but has been converted from stereo (two tracks) to mono (one track). I will convert everything to WAV as suggested but my basic question is: Does Articulate play stereo embedded files? I seem to remember that somewhere I read that the file needed to be mono.

Andrew Lian

Thank you Ashley. I have not had time to convert the file from MP3 to WAV to try it out but suspect that the conversion to mono is Storyline's way of saving space. The file itself works perfectly well in its converted format - just not the way I need it for my research project.

I look forward to hearing what your colleagues have to say.


Andrew Lian

Thanks very much Ashley. Well... that's what I feared. Actually I figured out a workaround which is a bit time consuming but does work.

When you publish the lesson, the folder called "your_lesson_name - Storyline Output/story_content" contains the compressed audio files. These files are renamed something like 6IrO5Dp4ppN_22050_48.mp3 (or wav or...). When lessons are republished this name remains unchanged.

What you can do is to rename a copy of the original stereo file to the storyline-generated name and overwrite the compressed storyline-generated file. The file will then play in stereo.

You must do this EVERY time you recompile the lesson but if you have a folder containing all of the stereo audio files with storyline generated name, you can do the overwriting pretty fast.

Also, you must do this before you zip the files for SCORM upload or whatever.

Hope this helps - any other ideas?

Thanks a lot





Chris Clift

It does work, you just have to remember that if you used .wav files as your audio source in Storyline, when the project is published, these are compressed and re-encoded to .mp3, so you need to save the original stereo .wav files as stereo .mp3 files in an audio editing package such as Audacity, before renaming them to the same as the mono mp3 audio files in the 'story_content' folder. This has been tested in Storyline 3 (ver

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