Player doesn't jump scene to scene

Jun 19, 2013

When I create different scenes and set the player for each slide to advance automatically, the player stalls at the end of the first scene when I preview. I assumed it would automatically advance to the next scene.  If I set up a trigger on the last slide in each scene to jump to the next scene when the timeline ends, my story view looks like one big scene chain from top to bottom (a lot of scrolling) instead of each scene shown side by side. Am I missing something?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Scott and Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! Functionality-wise, you've got it figured out. Storyview is designed to show the relationship among your scenes and slides. Perhaps you could submit a feature request for your enhanced storyview wishes.  I also thought that maybe this could help you if you just have a lot of slides in each scene that maybe you could collapse:

I hope this helps! Again, Welcome Scott!

Scott Koltz

Thank you Leslie!  I had my initial training on Storyline a few weeks ago. I seem to recall the training project had the different scenes lined up from left to right in story view and the project played all the scenes without needing a trigger to go from scene to scene. I must have imagined that.  I'm fine with collapsing the scenes, I just thought I may be missing something.

Thank you again!


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