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Diane Peters

Thanks Donna!

I already have hot-spot triggers that show each sequential layer. I'm anticipating impatient users who want to hold their mouse over the Next button and click through the screens without following the instructions for the hotspots...just to see the results and move on.  If they jump slides, they'll miss the info on the layers. Maybe my best bet is to disable the next button altogether.


Donna Morvan

Oh.. if that's what you're after then you can create a variable to track the slide completion.

1. Create a True/False variable labeled something like "slide1viewed".

2. Set the variable as a condition for their ability to click Next. (jump to next slide when user clicks next and "slide1viewed" = True)

*** But on a personal note, I always customize my buttons. I find that when you restrict the built-in "Next" button.. they automatically tend to think the player's broken.

John Papiernik

You can use variables to have the Next button cycle through all your layers before going onto the next slide.

Create a number variable, and have it start at 0. Create a trigger that has the variable increase by one every time the next button is pressed. Then create triggers for the next button to show each layer. In each of those triggers, you will need to place a condition. Variable "x" must equal one to work.....then two on the next one, and three and so on....

Then onthe trigger for the next button (to go to next slide) place the same type of condition you placed on the layers. This one would be "must equal 4 (or whatever the next number is).

I use this setup frequently. Let me know if you need any more explanation.

Diane Peters

Thanks John...I saw another thread about using variables to do this but I had difficulty understanding how they worked. Your explanation is better but I'm still lost. Variables and conditions are things I just can't seem to wrap my head around. Would you be so kind as to give me step-by-step directions or a screenr for 3 or 4 layers?

Also, would these Next button triggers be overridden if users do what they're supposed to do and click the hotspots to move through the layers?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Katherine

I just want to confirm something with you...if I click on the comic strip and go to layer 1 - box 1, do you want the user to be able to click on on 2nd box or the next button? or either.

If either, you will end up with a number of combinations of navigation that need to be coded. Is that your intention or if they click the comic strip box 1 - the next button should be disabled until they have completed boxes 2 and 3, then enabled.


Katherine Plastich

I have another scenario for anyone, btw thank you for this site....have found many helpful tips last few weeks (old and new).

I have a slide that I want to have an interactive pie chart, that has three fields to input your percentages, and the pie chart will reflect the percentage breakdown. Doable in SL2?

Walt Hamilton


I think it is doable.

Here is a sample. It doesn't have very fine resolution (only about the nearest 12.5%), because every time you halve that resolution, you nearly double the work.

There are instructions in it for increasing the resolution. It is pretty simple, just time consuming. It does require pretty close attention to detail to ensure that the percentages for the state changes are accurate.

If you have any questions, just ask.