Player SUBMIT button acts diff than "Submit Interaction" trigger

May 26, 2014

Hi E-Learning Heroes! I need a bit of help.

I've created a drag-and-drop activity, and when you use the SUBMIT button in the Player, it behaves exactly the way I want it to:

  • It scores the interaction as correct or incorrect, and
  • It changes the states of the drag items to "drag correct" or "drag incorrect" as appropriate

However, I need to remove the SUBMIT button from the Player** so I created a new button with a "Submit Interaction" trigger, and this is what it does:

  • It scores the interaction as correct or incorrect, but
  • It DOES NOT change the states of the drag items

Have I made an error in how I set up this trigger? Is there a simple solution?

Or, if the button+trigger is simply programmed to behave differently than the Player SUBMIT button, is there a workaround? I'm willing to add a bunch of variables and extra triggers to make this work, but I'm not sure where to start.

I've attached a file containing the drag-and-drop question. It has both the original Player SUBMIT button (that works, but I don't want to use it) and the custom button+trigger (that I'd like to use, but it doesn't work)

Thanks for any help!

** I've been using the SUBMIT button as an EXIT button in several related activities, so I'd like to keep it that way for consistency, if at all possible.

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Louisa Fricker

UPDATE: I figured it out. I'm my own elearning hero today.

I added a new set of triggers to my on-screen submit button so that each of the drag items changes to "disabled" when you click the on-screen submit button. I also changed the "disabled" state to display a little checkmark to show the user that it's correct. This way, the user knows which items are correct and which ones still need to be moved. And I can remove the Player Submit button and keep using it as an Exit button.

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