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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Anna!

You can add entrance animations to text in Storyline under the "Animations" tab. Have you had a chance to look at this tutorial? You may be able to find a few examples or tips in that tutorial that will help with what you're trying to accomplish.

If you're still unable to accomplish this, can you share more information or an example of how you'd like to see this animation?


anna fidz

Thanks very much, Christine. Yes, I saw that. I noticed that Storyline is limited in the entrace animations?  I used "Strips" in Presenter, but Storyline only seems to have options for

  • Fade In
  • Fly In
  • Grow and Turn, etc

Is that right?  Also, can I animate line by line?  It seems to animate the entire text box, as opposed to individual text lines (even if I just highlight one light only.

If the "strips" entrance animation is not available in Storyline, what would you recommend for Storyline and at what speed?

Hope this is clear, if not let me know. THANKS in advance for you help!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Anna,

Thanks for getting back to me

I believe the line by line is really mostly used for paragraphs, so I'm not sure if a single line will really show much when it comes to the effect.

One idea did occur to me for the effect you're looking for - you could make this effect yourself, if it's something you'd really like to use in the course. You could create images of sections of the text and have them enter on the timeline at different points. Does that make sense? If I have time today, I could try to make an example for you, if you'd like. 

Bruce Graham

Individual line animation is achieved by using the "Animate by First Level Paragraph" options in each animation.

Chose that, then you will see an "arrow" open up on the Timeline next to the text box element.

Click on that, and then you can individually animate the lines.

The best "hidden feature" in Storyline


anna fidz

Thanks, Bruce and Christine! I think that my question was partially answered. I'll still can't find the "strips" animation entrance option in storyline. I'm only seeing fly-in, etc.

And I see the "ANIMATE BY FIRST LEVEL PARAGRAPH" but that's still choosing the entire text box and not each single line (even if I highlight).

Please take a look at what I'm working on below and maybe it'll be more clear?

Bruce Graham


Presenter is (in effect) a PowerPoint add-on, so it shares all the animations.

Storyline is not dependant on PowerPoint in any way, (although it can import PowerPoint slides), so it does not share al the animations.

It only has a few at the moment, which forces our thinking away from "PowerPoint slides" to more freeform work.

Although more are being developed, for now, here are the supported ones.

Hope that clarifies.