Poor image quality when editing a screen capture in try me mode

I am currently working on a try me screen capture where I am required to use shapes, text, etc.. to cover personal information captured during the screen capture. However, when I click on the slide the image is crystal clear and a half second later it becomes horribly blurred. When I publish the project the capture is clear and does not blur. The problem is I can not see the screen clear enough to match fonts and cover up the information. Has anyone had this issue?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Keith!

So only an issue when working on the slide? Does this happen in any project or just the one you are currently working on?

If you need us to take a look, you are welcome to share the .story file - I'd try to see if you could replicate in a new file though. You can even import the slides needed.

Keith Lillico

Yes this is only when editing slides. Unfortunately I can not share the story file due to the confidential information in it but.. I did notice that it crystal clear and then it gets blurred and the screen changes almost as if it it changing to the final scene of the particular animation for the slide.  Is there any way to get the slides to stay on their initial state with out going in and adjusting timing for each slide?

I do not want to go through and disable it on every slide because I will need the animation when I publish the project if that makes any sense.