Pop up a PDF - or reveal resources only when I want it to?

Hi Everyone, I am building a quiz and when the learner has a positive result I want to reveal a document (about 7 pages).

I tried to put it in Ppt and make an extra scene, but it looks horrible, because the size of the document is A4 and the inserting the ppt changed the 'looks''.

The most easy solution I think, would be to put the doc in the resources, but I don't want to show it before the learner has reached a positiv result 

Thank you for thinking with me!

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Tineke Porschen

The last one (embed a pdf viewer) for me is like abacadabra....... The thing is: I have this pdf doc, it's 9 pages and I want to show it when I want to (not all the time visible for learners) .

Mmmm, is it possible to use two scene sizes within one storyline?

Ricky Nox

Here is how to insert a PDF File into a slide using a WebObject.

  • Create a local folder called \My_PDF_folder\
  • In the folder, put your pdf file for example my_pdf.pdf
  • In the folder, create an index.html file using a text editor with the following text.

<object data="my_pdf.pdf" type="application/pdf" width="500" height="400">

  • In SL, insert a WebObject and select the folder My_PDF_folder where the index is.
  • Choose if you want to display the PDF in a slide or in a new browser
  • And then publish to see the PDF (you cannot see the webobject in the preview mode).

Here is an example of index.html file. 

So you can display the PDF in a new slide, in a lightbox or more.

Hope it can help you.