Populate a PDF from Storyline?

Does anyone have any experience controlling the Javascript for Acrobat API from within Storyline. I would like to build a course that can populate a PDF based on choices made and data entered. Essentially giving the user a "hard copy" of their experience. I have seen examples of populating an HTML document this way. I was just wondering has anyone done this with a PDF? 

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Matthew Bibby

Thanks Darren, appreciate you sharing that here. It's a clever solution, but unfortunately the fact that it doesn't work in mobile Safari makes it a no go for me. It would be great if developing for an IE only organisation.

Ryan's approach of using PDFmake looks promising, but once again, is limited as it only works in the HTML5 output. I reckon this might be worth exploring more though...

Edit: PDFmake does work in the Flash output with a couple of tweaks. Yay!