Popup and Tabulation

Jan 31, 2020


I would like that the user can't be able to access by tabulation to all the content on the base layer when I show a popup (another layer).

I have a base layer where I put some text input. When the user click on a button I show a popup (another layer) BUT at this moment (when the popup is shown) I would like to block all the content on the base layer. Even if I checked the properties "Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer", the user can still access by TABULATION to all the fields on the base layer.

To summarize, I would like to reproduce the same behavior of the Storyline popup when we click submit on an empty quiz. Storyline displays a message and all other layers and playbar are blocked, it cannot be accessed by any way, either by tabulation or with the mouse.


Thank you!

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Walt Hamilton

I'd probably put a grayed out image of the base slide as a background for the popup layer. it would look like the base was rendered off limits, and since the user couldn't see the actual base layer, they wouldn't see the results of tabbing.

Of course, if they tabbed, they would most likely be accessing the content, they just wouldn't know it.

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