Post Quiz Review Text Formatting

Sep 08, 2023

Hello, Can anyone Help?

The Post Quiz Review correct/incorrect feedback is showing in a font color that is difficult to read with the chosen layout. How to change the formatting for this feedback? Where is the layer located for the Post Quiz Review?

Thanks for any assistance!

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zoo apk

To change the formatting for the correct/incorrect feedback in the Post Quiz Review and adjust its font color to make it more readable within your chosen layout, you will typically need to access and modify the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) of your quiz or e-learning platform. Here are the general steps to help you with this:

  1. Access the CSS Files:

    • Log in to your platform or learning management system (LMS) with the necessary administrative privileges.
    • Find the option to access or edit the CSS for your quizzes or course content. This is usually available in the platform's settings or customization options.
  2. Locate the Correct/Incorrect Feedback Layer:

    • Once you have access to the CSS, look for the section that controls the styling of the Post Quiz Review feedback. The specific class or ID for this feedback may vary depending on the platform you're using.
  3. Adjust the Font Color:

    • Within the CSS, find the property that sets the font color for the correct/incorrect feedback. It's often the color property within the relevant CSS class or ID.
    • Modify the color value to something more readable. You can use hexadecimal color codes (e.g., #000000 for black or #FFFFFF for white) or color names (e.g., red, blue, etc.).

Here's a simplified example of what the CSS might look like:

cssCopy code
/* Example CSS for Correct/Incorrect Feedback */ .post-quiz-feedback { color: #333; /* Change this color to the one you prefer */ font-size: 16px; /* Adjust font size if necessary */ /* Other styling properties */ }
  1. Save Your Changes:

    • After making the necessary adjustments to the CSS, save the changes.
  2. Test Your Quiz:

    • Go back to your quiz or course content and take a quiz to see if the font color for the correct/incorrect feedback has been updated to your desired color.
  3. Repeat as Needed:

    • If there are multiple elements or layers involved in the Post Quiz Review, you may need to adjust the CSS for each relevant element separately.

Please note that the exact steps and CSS classes/IDs may vary depending on the specific quiz or e-learning platform you are using. If you're unsure about the CSS structure or have difficulty finding the right elements to style, you may want to consult the platform's documentation or seek assistance from someone familiar with the platform's customization options.