PowerPoint Content Updates

Jul 14, 2022

We are just testing Storyline right now and there is a feature that our current tool uses, and I was wondering if it is available in Storyline. Currently, we are importing most of our content from PowerPoint into "Captivate." We then add simulations, audio, videos, etc. Right now, if a SME needs to make a change to the PowerPoint presentation, they flip it back to us and there is an option in Captivate to just update the project. This will re-import the presentation over the slides keeping the audio, videos, simulations, etc. Is there an option in Storyline to do this? 

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Kelly Auner

Hi Jessica,

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! ✨

This sounds like an interesting feature! Currently, the project in PowerPoint will not sync to the project within Storyline. If you edit the PowerPoint file, you will need to import the slides again into Storyline.

Please feel free to share this feature request with our team here. We’ll be sure to update this discussion if this makes it on our feature roadmap!