PowerPoint Import to Storyline 2 - Some Work, Some don't

Hi All, 

We receive dozens of PowerPoint presentations from our members every year, and about 75% import successfully into Storyline, including presentations that have audio attached to each slide (which is wonderful). 

However, 25% don't import - some don't import sound, and some, like one today, doesn't import at all. The failure to import screen directed me to a page, but all those solutions make the assumption that NONE are importing and the problem is with the PowerPoint install.

Is there any way I can send over a file (these medical presentations are not for public viewing) and get an analysis about why it won't import? We are not allowed to query the creator about the version of PowerPoint or anything else about the file, so we have to figure out the issue based on the .pptx file. 

Thank you in advance, 

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