Pre-quiz if they pass they should be able to exit and record to LMS if they fail they take full course and quiz again at the end

Aug 30, 2021

Hi everyone,

I think this can be done but I have not done it before and was looking for some guidance.

I have been asked to create a pre-quiz at the beginning of the module, if the learner gets 100% they should be taken to an exit button that will record their completion and a pass in the LMS.

If they fail even by 1 question they have to then go through the full course and take the full quiz again at the end and on this quiz they could retry until they pass.  

Do I have to create two instances of the quiz and set things up?  I am not 100% sure how to go about this, hoping someone could help.


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David Schwartz

Hi Teresa,

You can do this with a single quiz. I've put together a quick example of one way to do it. It uses a single T/F variable, initially set to true, and jumps to the quiz from the first slide immediately if the variable is true.

On the results slide, the success layer has a trigger to set the variable to false. This is so if the learner returns to the course after completion, they can view the content.

On the failure layer, the Retry quiz button and a Begin course button are both hidden initially, and one or the other is set to a normal state based on the T/F variable. When the Begin course button is set to normal, the variable is set to false, so that when the quiz is taken again, that button will not appear.

The quiz requires a 100% score to pass, so that will be true both for the pre-quiz and later.

Teresa Vanderpost

Hey Phil, for this scenario, do I just have my one quiz in a scene, but have two results slide one as a pre assessment and one as a final assessment? Or do I still have to copy the quiz slides to another scene and called it Pre-assessment quiz and have its own results slide there?  I am thinking this makes more sense?


Phil Mayor

Hey Teresa a question can only be assigned to one results slide, you may be able to get away with duplicating the scene by using a question bank not sure if that will work. I would duplicate the scene.

In the settings the pre should be set as pretest so it’s result can be overwritten if you fail.

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Teresa Vanderpost

Okay, I am going to try and duplicate scene and adjust the pre-test results slide to be a pre-assessment and my original to be the final.  I will also create a go to module button on the pre-assessment results failure layer to ensure they then take the course and an exit button on the success layer.  Keep you posted, I liked David and Judy's information, but if this works it saves a lot of time.  Cheers Teresa

Teresa Vanderpost

Just an update, it worked perfectly.  I duplicated the slide, I created an introduction slide for them to go to the Pre-Assessment first.  If they pass my LMS recorded it as passed.  If they fail I take them to the start of the module and they take the module and final quiz, and when they passed this in the LMS it recorded as passed.

I tried other options of exiting while in the middle of the pre-assessment and it went to incomplete which is perfect.

I tested if they pass the pre-assessment but decide to look around the module than close the window it still recognized the pass on the pre-assessment.

Also tested if they fail the pre-assessment and exit then go back in and resume where they left off it takes them to the last slide of the quiz to start the module.

This was rather painless lol!  Love this new enhancement.

Thanks again for all the input everyone!

Teresa Vanderpost

HI there

Just wanted to mentions trying the pre-assessment again in the latest version of SL360 I am finding the Results.ScorePoints and Percentage that should be built in are not in the variable drop down list.  But when I delete my results slide and rebuild it is showing up...any others ever have these issues.  Or perhaps this is what happens when you duplicate a quiz and you must always recreate the results slide from scratch.