Precise Object Placement

Oct 17, 2014

Is there any way to make object placement more precise? When you move an object into location, it rests in a certain space. If you want to move it over 3 pixels, you can't because the minimum movement is something like 8 pixels.

It's always been a frustrating problem that I've tried working around and I'm not sure why Storyline limits the movement. 

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Walter, glad you figured it out. In addition to that secret, and Wendy's tip about positioning, thought you or others might want to know you can also change that default "8-pixel" setting as well. In the screen shot shown below, someone had asked some time back) how to increase the settings, but of course you can decrease them as well.

  1. Click the View menu.
  2. Click that little drop-down arrow on in the Show group
  3. With the Grids and Guide window open, change the spacing...or any of the other settings.

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