Pretest Functionality

We have built a pretest that allows the learner to choose to register a completion for the program with a score of 80% or better OR choose to view the course anyway. It's only a 1/2 hour program.

Our client would like to be able to know who takes the pretest and what their scores are. Is that possible? Or is a completion a completion regardless of how that completion gets registered (either by passing the pretest OR viewing the entire program, or in rare cases, a person who chooses to view the course even after passing the pretest).

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Lori!

Great question! A failed pre-check doesn’t get reported, but the question data still gets submitted to the LMS. Depending on your LMS, you might be able to see how a learner responded to a failed pre-check.

You can always test your course in SCORM cloud to see what this tracking behavior looks like in an LMS environment.

Let me know if you have additional questions!