Prevent audio from playing in two layers at the same time

Sep 11, 2019


In the attached file, there are two slides with five accordioned layers each. A 'Progress' slide lets learners see at a glance which slides and layers they've completed. Clicking on any button in it takes them directly to a specific layer.

If the audio from one layer is currently playing when they go to the 'Progress' slide and click to go to another layer, then both audios overlap. I've tried a number of methods using variables to try to prevent this, but can't get it to work. Any suggestions?

Also, I'm using variables to ensure that when the 'Prev' button is clicked to take the learner backward to either of the accordion slides, the last layer is shown (layer 5 for slide 2, and layer 10 for slide 3). That way they can proceed backward properly.

This works fine, unless they use the menu to access these slides. In this case, I'd like the first layer to show. What variable magic can I use to make this work properly? 

Thanks very much for your suggestions.

P.S. The attached file is a simplified version of one I'm using in my cycling courses. I added some info on the city I currently live in for interest. Enjoy!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Allan!

Thank you so much for sharing your .story file! I found a few discussions where they mention the same situation. I'll link them below so you can see the different options and choose what works best for you!

Slide/layer audio probs - Wanting to stop slide audio, not pause

Base slide audio/animation plays over layer audio - how to stop it

Audio using multiple layers

Keep us posted on which solution works best for you!

Allan Dunlop

Thanks for stepping in to help, Lauren!

Neither of these will work, unfortunately. I've searched extensively for a solution, but can't find one.

I don't have any media on the base layer, so the 'pause base layer' option doesn't apply, The sample I attached has 5 layers per slide; in my course, they each have 15. 

Shailesh Mewada offers a solution that works for a slide with a few layers in this thread that you noted. It involves creating and copying a 'pause media' trigger, pasting it to another layer, then deleting the original. With 15 layers, pausing audio on all but the current layer would require 210 triggers (14 x 15). Phew!

Ideally, I'd like to pause the audio playing on a slide when either a learner either visits the Progress slide, or else clicks a button on it.

Any other thoughts?



Allan Dunlop

Update: The only way I could get this to work was...

Create trigger in each layer:
- Stop media (audio on that layer) when SUMMARY_1to10 changes (the trigger attached to buttons on the Progress slide)

Create trigger in each layer:
- Stop media (audio on that layer) when the timeline starts
- Copy this trigger to every other layer, deleting it from the layer in which it was created.

It's laborious, but it works. There must be an easier way.

(I've attached a screenshot of the trigger window for SLIDE_01 for reference. Note that the 'ORD_SUMMARY- variable is the one used in my cycling course--it is LAYER_01 in the attached file.)

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