Prevent Downloading MP4 in Storyline 360


We have few screens in Storyline 360 which have got videos made from Animaker. They are in MP4 format. Sometime we publish it for Web and LMS.

Some people have reported that they can use a media grabber plugin in Chrome to download the video content. And some have pointed out some browsers which helps people to download the videos/audios. Has anyone faced this kind of situation?

Is there any way, through which we can make it more secure in the browser?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Shyam,

Google Chrome versions 55 and later let you download videos from published courses when these conditions are true:

  • You enabled Show Video Controls. 
  • You're viewing HTML5 output.

You'll see a download arrow on the right end of the video control bar in Google Chrome.

If you don't want learners to download videos from your courses, you'll need to disable the video controls in Storyline before publishing. If you've enabled the seekbar for your course, learners will still be able to pause, fast forward, and rewind videos.

Hopefully, others who have run into issues with plugins will be able to chime in to share their best practices.

If you're looking for an additional layer of copy protection on your videos, you may want to upload them to a third party site like YouTube or Vimeo to add some additional security and then add them to your course as a web object.

Katie Riggio

Hey there, Estefania!

I'd love to help you disable that download option. First, a quick question!

Where is your video hosted? If you need an additional layer of copy protection on the video, I recommend uploading it to Vimeo or YouTube. 

Vimeo does an excellent job of separating who can see a video from privacy options for video embedding. You can explore Vimeo's privacy settings right here!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Estefania!

Thanks for the extra details! Just to confirm, you've uploaded the video to your local server without using Youtube or Vimeo?

I found similar discussions with suggested workarounds:

Videos are downloadable in HTML5 Output

Removing "Download" button in HTML5 video playback in Storyline 2 (This one is a bit dated but still offers a workaround.)

Katie Riggio

Hello Richard,

Thank you for reaching out! 

When a course has media that is accessible as a standalone link (ending in MP4), learners can download it from the browser (whether prompted or not). With the web object feature, the same option will be available to anyone viewing that course. 

A few ideas:

  • Video hosting services such as Vimeo and YouTube allow for controlling that behavior better. 
  • Inserting media directly can help remove the download option. 

Let us know if that helps, and I'm excited to see what other tips the community has!