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Tony Jones

You could either:

  • Untick the Next / Prev checkboxes in the Slide Properties, so that the navigation buttons don't appear at all, OR
  • Add a trigger to your slide, changing the state of the Next/Prev buttons to Disabled. This way they are still visible, but are greyed out and not clickable

Hope this helps!

Steve Flowers

One of the things I've done before is setting the submit button to disabled and the next button hidden for the start of each question. Then setting up a trigger with a state event that activates the submit button only when any of the choices are selected.

Instead of making the continue button show with feedback, I make my feedback layers hide the submit button and show the next button. 

Takes a little bit of setup but once you've got it set, copying and pasting the question makes replicating your package pretty fast. Since I like my question slide layouts with the stem on the left and choices on the right, I can't really use the slide masters and new slide wizard to create the question layouts I want. So copy and paste questions is what I end up with:)