Preventing forward progress

Sep 28, 2015

Good Afternoon,
I currently am working on a rather large Distance Learning course.   I have multiple scenes. I need to prevent forward progress (or jumping ahead) until previous scenes have been completed. With the menu on the side it makes it very easy to just go to the end and take a quiz instead of actually trying to learn and watch all of the content.   I would also like to make parts of the menu unavailable at earlier stages is possible.

Thank you to the community for the help.

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David Stabley

Question #1  (part b)

Thank you for the help on the first part of it, it worked great, not part 2 of this, I have a last scene that is a test. I would like to remove the menu completely so they cant leave the test (Go backward) I don't want to prevent them from going backward in the previous scenes.. just the final one.   This possible?


David Stabley

I do have a bunch more questions.  should I make a new question on here for each of them?   Sorry they are more advanced things about varibles needed for a Custom LCMS.  (example:  I need to send the LCMS a page number so I can have a student return to the same page they left from if they log back on a week later)


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