Preview slide, scene, entire project not working? Anyone else?

Jul 26, 2019

Since my last update for Articulate 360/Storyline, when I go to preview a slide, a scene, or the entire project, I get the , "something went wrong and Storyline might have to close" message.  I've copied the information and sent it to Articulate, but was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.  It may be just the one course I'm working on - but random.


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Helen Jones

To follow up with this, I did not have this issue with another course.  So I tried the preview mode, slide-by-slide in the one where I was having issues.  It all boiled down to 1 slide!  I saved a test copy of my course, and deleted the "offending" slide and the preview (by slide or by entire project) issue was resolved! 

I then copied each object on the offending slide into a new slide in the new file (clicking Preview slide between each object) until I isolated the ONE SHAPE (one shape with one word) that caused the problem.  The rebuilt slide has not caused a problem.

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