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Sep 20, 2013

One the last slide of several modules I am creating, I would like the Next button to take the user back to a navigation slide that holds buttons to all the modules and users can pick as they wish.

On the last slide of the modules I set up a Trigger to jump to the 1.2 Navigation slide when the user clicks the Next button.

It doesn't seem to work when I preview the slide.

I've attached a sample module to aid in diagnosing my problem.

I appreciate any feedback and thanks so much.


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sandie coco

Hi Nikki -

Your story file worked for me. I'm wondering if you are having a duh moment and you only previewed the Computer scene and not the whole project. Since the slide you are linking to is in a different scene, it can't jump to it in preview if you didn't select to preview the whole project. Hope that's the case because it's a easy fix.

Happy Friday!

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