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I am currently working on a project that has a slide with a drag and drop activity on it. Now it refers to a slide that occurs earlier than the D&D one and I wanted to be able to switch the Previous and Next buttons off. So learners can't cheat and jump back to one slide in order to successfully answer another.

I have done this by hiding both buttons. Now as the learner completes the D&D activity, a variable that I created keeps a score and when it reaches a certain number and confirms completion it shows the Previous and Next buttons again.

Now I have set the D&D slide to save changes but when the learner goes back or forwards through the presentation everything stays as intended except for the Previous and Next buttons which are hidden again.

Is there anything I can do about that?

Cheers in advance


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Tom Kuhlmann

My assumption is you have a trigger to change state of the buttons to hidden when the timeline starts.

Then you have a trigger that says change the state to normal when the variable = X.

When you come back, the variable already = X so it's not changing to X which would activate the trigger to change state to normal.

And the timeline trigger is going to change the state to hidden.

You need a trigger to account for the fact that the variable already has a certain value. Change state of button to hidden when timeline starts if = ___.