Previous button doesn't work when jumping scenes.

Sep 04, 2013

I've set up a course structure so exactly modeling what Janette Brooke describes in her post:

"Jump to Scene: This takes the learner to a particular scene. If you choose this, you'll then need to use the Scene field to pick the destination scene. (Jumping to the next scene means the learner will go to first slide of the next scene in your course, based on the scene numbering that appears in Normal View or Story View. Jumping to the previous scene means the learner will go back to the slide they were on in the most recently viewed scene.)"

My problem: Is that when the user jumps to the new scene and then returns to the previous scene, the Previous button on the player, no longer works. The problem ONLY occurs when the user jumps from scene and back.

Weird- but any ideas? Trigger type? Trigger order?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steven,

I'm not able to recreate the behavior you're describing on a simple Storyline project I set up with three scenes, and using the "Jump to scene" trigger and the hyperlink version described above everything worked as expected. I was able to jump around in all directions using my next, previous, and hyperlinked buttons. It may be associated with trigger order, but without seeing your file it's hard to tell for certain - are you able to share your .story file here? If you'd prefer to share it privately you can also submit a Support case. 

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