Previous button - link to base instead of layer

I just built a course where a series of slides gives the learner two boxes to click on. One box is yes & one is no. Each box reveals it's corresponding layer with feedback. The user can then click the Next button on the slide to move forward. I have the player's Prev button enabled. When a learner clicks the Prev button, it takes them to the either the yes or no layer on the previous slide. I want the prev button to show the base layer of the previous slide. Does this option exist somewhere?

I know the Prev button will actually go to the Prev slide. So in an open course where learner's can jump around using the menu or embedding hyperlinks within the sldie, the Prev button will actually go to the Prev slide visited. Can we change that to be literally the slide that is set to come before it?

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Sandie, how are the slide properties set on the base slide with the layers?  I think if you change the setting to "Reset to initial state" it should do what you want.  You change the slide properties by clicking the little wheel icon beside the base slide in the slide layers panel.

Also another thing to keep in mind is that you can change the trigger on the prev button to make it jump to a specific slide if necessary. For your situation you would still have to ensure that the reset to initial state is set because Storyline considers the base layer and all the additional layers to be one slide.