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Apr 17, 2013


I have used the Likert survey template for a personal reflection exercise. I don't need the responses reported - but I'd like them to be able to print out their responses to reflect on later.

If I put in a results slide - it doesn't allow the responses to be included. (i.e. responses being question 1 = strongly agree).

I created a number variable for each question, thinking I could add the number of their response to the variable and use a condition to display them on a results slide.

e.g. question 1 - user selects strongly agree (5) - trigger to add 5 to the variable "question 1". Problem is, I can't set a trigger on each response box. i.e. i can't add a trigger to the radio box question 1 strongly agree, and another trigger to radio box question 1 agree.

I tried to just insert a button to print but there is only - print results in the trigger options. Not print slide.

I suppose I could create my own likert from scratch but i wondered if there was a quick tip I could use to achieve this.



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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Tanya!

I'm not sure if this method would work for you, but since you're using your own variables, it might be worth a shot:

Zio Fonta

hi Tanya, I think you were talking about a correct printed report based on choice of your likert scale. I also faced this issue and i only could fix this by modifying report.html file (that has to be replaced each time after publishing your course).

Basically i changed the way javascript populates the table cell, giving it a better order to display statements and choices, and commenting unwanted columns in likert scale as "score" or "correct answers". I talked about this in this thread 

let me know if you need the report.html modified version.


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